Andersen Design


The company was established in 1916 by the master cabinet-maker I.C.A. Jensen. It started as a traditional cabinet-maker’s, before gradually moving into the production of architect-designed furniture.

In 1978, the brothers Knud and Vagn Andersen bought the company and established Brødrene Andersen Møbelsnedkeri, which continued to produce high-quality architect-designed furniture. 14 years later, the next generation joined the company in the person of Jørgen Andersen, who looked after Sales and Marketing. Another 11 years later, Jørgen Andersen was joined by his younger brother Henrik, who became the IT and Finance Director of the company, which by then had grown considerably and moved into new premises at the current address in Hinnerup in 2007. In 2012 Poul Frandsen joined the management of the company, which he now runs together with the two brothers.

Andersens’ biggest markets are Denmark and Norway. It also sells to a number of European and Asian countries. The range includes tables, coffee tables, chairs, couches, sideboards and shelving.

At Andersen, we believe in exceptional furniture that comes from the heart. With history, passion and a love of great craftsmanship. We also believe in furniture that lasts – both in quality and design. Furniture that, without being dictated by short-term fads, stands out and makes it easy to create individual homes with a distinctive character. That’s why Andersen has been “timeless since 1916”.



At Bolia, we make furniture. But we’re not an ordinary furniture company. We’re a design company that puts creativity at the heart of everything we do. All our furniture is shaped by the Scandinavian aesthetic characterised by sleek silhouettes, clean lines and beautiful functionality. An aesthetic rooted in and inspired by nature’s own materials with a deep respect for the environment, all to create beautiful furniture built to last, to love and to keep.


We’re proud of our heritage, but just like the Scandinavian seasons, we’re not afraid of change. We’re constantly working to push the boundaries of New Scandinavian design. That’s why we work with some of the finest designers from all over the world. Our talented design collective is a beautiful stable of upcoming talents and established names all from different corners of the world offering their own unique perspective on Scandinavian design. Inspired by the colours and materials found in mother nature, complemented by a minimalist attitude and sustainable materials, each design is built to last, and created to support, add to and reinvent Scandinavian design as we know it. And for us, that is New Scandinavian Design. Not just a tradition, but a mind-set.



Cane-line is a Danish design company with 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing functional and comfortable furniture. Life made comfortable is the very essence of Cane-line. All over the world our mission is the same – to make life comfortable and add value to life and the places where you unwind and relax. We are constantly focusing on quality, innovative technologies and comfort in both products and life to ensure that our furniture is made with the greatest care for the environment and the well being of people.

Cane-line outdoor collection is designed and manufactured with the purpose to have a comfortable outdoor living lifestyle. The all-weather furniture offer maximum comfort and minimal maintenance.

Cane-line indoor collection is the essence of light simplicity. A vibrant and living collection of designs based on functional, timeless and socially responsible principles.

Cane-line Elements is a multi-functional collection of products for indoor and outdoor with maximum flexibility.
All unique designs can be used both outdoor and indoor


Comfort is our core value

Our core value is comfort in all aspects of our furniture. We have used countless hours developing and choosing the right designs, technology and materials. Comfort for us is how well you sit or lay, how smooth our furniture functions, the very low maintenance, our QuickDry system, the easy cleaning and the long lasting materials. Cane-line designs can be used all over the world and under any climatic conditions. The strong frames, UV-resistant materials and quick drying cushions can stay out in glaring sun, pouring rain or frost. Our mission “life made comfortable” s total comfort for you.

Design Stockholm House


We have distinguished ourselves as a publisher of design rather than a conventional producer, working in the same way with designers that publishing houses work with authors. Rather than selecting a designer to make a specific product, all designers are invited to bring their personal ideas. Some of these ideas are selected for development and production. We look for products that add something new to their genre. Products with personality and character.


Our ambition is to gather a collection of the very best Scandinavian design today. The term ‘Scandinavian’ refers to a philosophic and aesthetic perspective, rather than geography and nationality: we have French, German, Australian, American and Chilean designers in our network. The result is a collection of design classics with timeless appeal and qualities that outlives temporary trends.


EMKO is a Lithuanian-based furniture design and home-accessory company.
Our roots are set in the ancient Baltic tradition of craftsmanship, at the intersection of three distinct cultural spaces: the Northern Scandinavian, the Western European and the Eastern Russian. Our present is open and inviting, welcoming talented designers from all over the globe.

We design and manufacture for an active, modern, responsible market. Our customers’ base ranges from the dynamic professionals interested in inviting fresh ideas inside their life, making choices outside the box, to the creative artists who wish their workspace to be a reflection of the passion put in their own creations.

We focus on a small diversity of award-winning furniture pieces, creating a niche for the curious solutions to be embodied.
Their simple beauty generates optimism and well-being inside the place we call home or workspace. Their smart design brings comfort to everyday tasks. The quality of the craft and of the materials insures a long-term relationship, a constant satisfaction that you’ll enjoy for years to come. It takes one glance to see their beauty. It takes one touch to get their functionality.

Eva Solo

Eva Solo is rooted in four basic values:





Our values are part and parcel of all our activities, when welcoming new employees and in our meetings with customers. For us, living by these values is not the same as regimentation. We believe in a company that pulls in the same direction, but where there is room for diversity.

Together with our values, our ambition constitutes the foundation for everything we do: We will supply emotional, high-quality and innovative products for the home.

Our products must express our customers’ personalities, while at the same time being innovative in terms of their design, their functionality and/or the choice of materials.

Good design is everything

Design is not just about outward appearances. Design is a combination of aesthetics, functionality and choice of materials. And good design produces beautiful products which are a joy to use and own. Eva Solo works with designers who excel within their respective fields, and over the years our products have won more than 150 Danish and international design awards. Good design is simply at the heart of everything we do.

ferm living


As we navigate expectations and dreams in the search for meaning and comfort, we long for a balanced life with room for chaos and calm, moments of reflection and times of joy. A place where we can be ourselves, realize the true value of things, and feel at home.

Based on a passion for authentic design and clear functionality, we challenge ourselves to shape the future and take pride in creating products that help you balance the contrasts of life. Our soft forms, rich textures and deep colours allow you to create an authentic and composed atmosphere, while avant-garde shapes, striking patterns and curious details add a touch of the unexpected. From our base in Copenhagen, we work with artisans around the world, fusing our Scandinavian mindset with global skills and traditions. We take our responsibility to people and the planet seriously and expect the same of our partners. We create collections of furniture, accessories and lighting, so you can create space to feel comfortably you.

Welcome home.



Frandsen Retail A/S has been designing, producing and marketing lamps since 1968. This means that we now have extensive knowledge and expertise within all stages of production. We have a clear vision which forms the basis of our entire product range and all our customer relations:

“Frandsen Retail A/S develops and sells design products within lighting for people who consider taste more important than price”

It is important for us to design lamps in beautiful materials, and to make sure that our products are signalling quality and taste. All our lamps will, each in their own way, contribute to creating the setting for a home.

At Frandsen Retail A/S we are focussing on design and product development.


HOUE is a Danish design house founded in 2007. We combine great comfort and design in our work. Therefore, we always put a lot of effort into our product development striving to meet a high standard of craftsmanship.

Our products are manufactured only on well-established factories with whom we have worked closely for several years. Our products are not random mass production – every detail, joint or component in our furniture is thoroughly chosen or invented by our experienced HOUE team to make a unique product.

We are driven by affordable luxury as a philosophy, by choosing the right materials and solutions. We draw from a proud heritage of Scandinavian design and craftsmanship with mass appeal. 

HOUE offers both an outdoor and indoor collection, always meeting our high standards in terms of design, price and quality.



Steam and fire in the kitchen as well as cutlery and tableware are the symbol of happiness shared by all Chinese families. JIA Inc. concentrates on culture and started based on Chinese culture while inviting an international team of designers to inspire from the perspectives of East and West. Beyond cultures, beyond new and old, and beyond space, we reach the most heart-warming and the most tender essence in the heart of everyone, our home.



MiaCara products are characterised by a clear design language and a unique design style. In product development, the function is always of foremost importance, providing the creative inspiration. All products in the MiaCara collection must be both sensible and stylish. The products are a perfect combination of elegant design and practical function. They are high quality, timeless modern and durable.

The innovative use of materials and a signature pared-back colour palette are also an integral part of the MiaCara aesthetic – resulting in products design that are practical, tactile and beautiful to touch.


We are uncompromising on the quality of our products – both in the materials we select and the manufacturing processes we use.

Environmental sustainability is an important basic principle for MiaCara. Therefore, we only use materials that meet our high quality standards.


MiaCara products are mainly manufactured in Germany and Europe with great attention to detail. Our suppliers are hand picked and the best in their field. The majority of materials and parts are also sourced in Germany. By doing this, we can ensure that only the best raw materials are being used and all products meet our exceptionally high standards.

Mono Logo

It is not just that mono has won such a disproportionate number of design and production awards, it is that the company continues to develop all its products to the same exacting standards. They are represented internationally in designer hotels, high end restaurants and corporations.
Made for discerning connoisseurs and professionals that appreciate high quality products, perfect functionality and timeless design.
Mono is one of the most important owner managed family business manufacturing high end flatware and table top accessories in Germany.
Individuality, speed and highest reliability are characteristics of our daily commitment.

For more than 40 years we have been crafting a long-lasting design with a modern Nordic touch. Our collection consists of indoor and outdoor furniture, accessories and lighting and contains both classic pieces that have been with us for decades and new ones that have yet to write history.

We take pride in building long-standing and honest relations with our designers and suppliers that share our vision: To create products crafted in high-quality materials and pure aesthetics that is produced responsibly for people and the planet.

Skagerak is a family-owned company established in 1976 in Denmark. Our primary focus has always been on producing quality furniture, designed to last for generations. As a Danish business, we are deeply rooted in Scandinavian heritage and craftmanship balancing the contrasts between classical virtues and modern daily life.

We believe in sustainable and straightforward beauty and work with skilled international designers that help us achieve that goal. Sustainability runs deep in our veins – in materials, production and the way we treat partners and employees, which is why we have been proud members of the UN Global Compact Act since 2010, B Corp since 2017 and FSCTM-certified since 2001.

Woud is a Danish design brand established in 2014 with a drive to create new originals. a profound love for details and aesthetic appeal shows in the timeless expression, great attention to quality and the simplicity anchored in the Scandinavian design heritage. Woud strives to have designs that are made for you, and made for use in a coherent collection with distinctive purposes and functionalities.

The collection is based on the clean lines found in modern architecture, the calm colours of the Scandinavian nature and simple expressions intended for the Nordic homes and spaces – both indoor and outdoor. the aim is to present a coherent collection where each design has a distinctive meaning, purpose and function.



For over 100 years, Yamazaki has been bringing inspired ideas to common household items. With a focus on organization, storage and space-saving, all of our products are designed to be as smart and simple as possible. Driven by a sense of curiosity and creativity, we believe that better home goods make for a better home life.


Yamazaki began over a century ago as small, family-run ironing board manufacturer. Today, we apply the same sense of purpose and commitment to quality across hundreds of products—all designed to make life at home simpler, tidier and better. Already a household name across Japan, Yamazaki is expanding again—this time with a mission to bring innovative, thoughtful goods to homes across the world.