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Aureole Cold Air Diffuser


The legend has it that in Chinese mythology Nuwa is the guardian of Heaven and Earth, hand-crafted mankind from clay. She repaired the pillars of heaven and forged 36501 pieces of mystic stones to patch up the azure sky in order to save human lives. And the “JIA Aroma Aureole Cold Air Diffuser” is derived from this beautiful ancient fable. The essential oil is extracted from the plants that grow on the planet and disperses all-natural aroma that flows all around and lingers between heaven and earth.


  • Square: 9.5 x 21.6cm
  • Round: 7.6ø x 23cm

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How to Use the Aureole Cold Air Diffuser: 1. Add 15 to 20 drops of natural essential oil alongside the opening of the glass sphere and close lid. Tap finger tip on the brass surface to turn on with four settings controlled by the touch surface. Tap four times to turn off. 2. Keep on for 10-15 minutes for an aroma that can last 2-3 hours. Best for indoor use. Ideal space is 216-360sq/ft. 3. Auto-shutoff feature after 2 hours. 4. Voltage Range: 100-240V Current: 200mA Watts: 2.4W 5. Recommended to clean once a week – Use dripper to drop a moderate amount of alcohol into the glass sphere and shake gently. As alcohol and oil residue are blended, pour out and repeat.

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Steam and fire in the kitchen as well as cutlery and tableware are the symbol of happiness shared by all Chinese families. JIA Inc. concentrates on culture and started based on Chinese culture while inviting an international team of designers to inspire from the perspectives of East and West. Beyond cultures, beyond new and old, and beyond space, we reach the most heart-warming and the most tender essence in the heart of everyone, our home.


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