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Monolithic Cookware


When food becomes the medium that connects the palate and your heart, cooking becomes the source of happiness and warmth.

JIA Inc. together with Naoto Fukasawa developed the Monolithic Cookware to entice users to cook more often, and kindles interest in cooking. The collection consists three essential cookware and three utensils that strike the balance between simplistic beauty and utilitarian functionality. The Monolithic cookware is not only capable of meeting most cooking demands but also satisfy your family’s palates and their hearts.

Frying Pan: Ø 26.7 x 45.9 x 10.5(H) cm

Casserole: Ø 24.6 x 36 x 16.9(H) cm (2L)

Sauce Pan: Ø 18 x 35 x 14(H) cm (1.2L)


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Sauce Pan, Casserole, Frying Pan, Set of (3)



Steam and fire in the kitchen as well as cutlery and tableware are the symbol of happiness shared by all Chinese families. JIA Inc. concentrates on culture and started based on Chinese culture while inviting an international team of designers to inspire from the perspectives of East and West. Beyond cultures, beyond new and old, and beyond space, we reach the most heart-warming and the most tender essence in the heart of everyone, our home.


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