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Naïve Low Chair


The Naïve Low Chair introduces itself with a bright, yet mature and subtle look. Its main visual characteristic is a large leather strap that holds the backrest attached to the body. Firm connection between wood, leather and textile serves its function and makes it visually distinctive. After a long day Naive Low is inviting for a cup of coffee or tea, have a relaxing read, or small adventure while watching a movie. It is a companion which values your time and sitting quality, thus, Naive Low is the chair to live with.
Like other pieces in this family it features a body that can be easily unscrewed and flat-packed. It is composed of a long lasting natural materials and suits organically to every background.


Average lead time for fabrication and shipping: 30 Business Days

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We focus on a small diversity of award-winning furniture pieces, creating a niche for the curious solutions to be embodied. Their simple beauty generates optimism and well-being inside the place we call home or workspace. Their smart design brings comfort to everyday tasks. The quality of the craft and of the materials insures a long-term relationship, a constant satisfaction that you’ll enjoy for years to come. It takes one glance to see their beauty. It takes one touch to get their functionality.

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Oiled Ash, Black Ash


Bottle Green Velour, Terra Velour, Java Velour, Royal Blue Velour, Grey Wool, Yellow Wool, Black Wool, Cognac Wool


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