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Transit Vase


“The superior man seeks to perfect the admirable qualities of men, and does not seek to perfect their bad qualities.” — Confucian Analects

Bamboo is a durable evergreen plant that stands tall despite extreme conditions. The Chinese consider bamboo as representing the ideal qualities of the superior man: the inner hollowness representing humility and durability in all conditions representing incorruptibility and moral fortitude. Inspired by the shape of the bamboo stalk, German design team designscheider has created a tranquil centerpiece for the modern home. Without flowers, the Transit Vase can stand along as a glowing centerpiece; or with flowers the combination of materials heightens the essence and vitality of whatever is showcased within. The semi-translucent duotone glass is a result of craftsmanship from the Qing Dynasty. Fired at high temperatures, it is a product of only the most skilled glass-blowers, who formed the vase piece by piece.

Material: Dual color mouth-blown glass, Plywood (Outside: bamboo veneer / Inside: basswood veneer )


  • Tall: 4.2″ø x 12.8″H
  • Short: 5.0″ Dia. x 10.0″ H.
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Steam and fire in the kitchen as well as cutlery and tableware are the symbol of happiness shared by all Chinese families. JIA Inc. concentrates on culture and started based on Chinese culture while inviting an international team of designers to inspire from the perspectives of East and West. Beyond cultures, beyond new and old, and beyond space, we reach the most heart-warming and the most tender essence in the heart of everyone, our home.

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