Scandinavian Furniture has seen a resurgence in popularity. Simplistic form sand cosy design accents provide a respite to our hectic modern-day schedules.


Scandinavian trend traces its roots from a historical and cultural area in Northern Europe. It comprises the land of three territories Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


At the end of 19th century, a cultural movement in Scandinavia started. From there, Scandinavian style extended to Canada through the United States and has now taken the rest of the world by storm.


Unlike other trends that just come and go,  Scandi décor is something that people can’t get enough of. The clean lines, balanced proportions, light muted colors, minimalism, and functionality make these furniture pieces aesthetically pleasing.


When it comes to furniture, there’s no shortage of renowned brands offering Scandinavian Style. However, amidst all of them, there’s one who offers high-quality and well-made pieces at fairly economical prices.


Scandinavian Design Furniture Brand: BOLIA 


Extraordinary ideas, exuberant creativity, and innovative outlook, this attempt is, after all, a humble description of the renowned Scandinavian Furniture Brand “Bolia”.


Bolia is a furniture design company that puts creativity at the heart of everything. All its furniture is shaped by the Scandinavian aesthetic characterised by sleek silhouettes, clean lines, and beautiful functionality.


The brand offers simple furniture with remarkable details. Most products are handmade. Most products showcase natural and sustainably harvested wood.Below we have rounded up some of the remarkable furniture pieces by Bolia:-


  • Chicago Chair

The Chicago dining room chair by Bolia brand is the epitome of classic Scandinavian design and radiates first-class craftsmanship.


As part of the Bolia brand, this dining chair combines modern design, exceptional comfort and immaculate finish.


The chair is made from solid wood and the design and materials used mean it will never go out of fashion.


Chicago Chair


  • Bird Chair

The Bird Chair has its name due to its backrest in the form of bird’s wings – light and elegant. Well-described as a “study in space, form, and function”, the back of the chair is supported by a single narrow and elegant metal rod – a refined and simple detail that departs from classic furniture design.


  • Palm Chair

Says Who’ are the designers behind Palm – a series of beautiful and comfortable dining chairs that stylishly balance cosiness and design.

All versions of the Palm are created with an eye for modern detail that make the chair as functional as it is breath-taking.


Philippa Stool and Lounge


‘Philippa’ combines a very Nordic and modern look, yet retains references to mid-century modern classic armchairs. The chair, and matching foot stool, are created for comfort and handmade in the EU.


Philippa Stool

Philippa Stool and Lounge

  • Dune Bench

The Dune Bench is designed by the German design duo, Hertel and Klarhoefer. While radiating elegance, the Dune bench has a construction that is far more solid than it looks.


The Dune Bench has a solid wooden frame, where the elegant, curved shape of the seat and backrest and integrated seat cushions create beautiful synergy between the simple and functionalist elements, with clear references to Scandinavian design classics from the 1950s.

Dune Bench

  • Bowl Table

Designed by Rikke Frost exclusively for Bolia, this unique Bowl coffee table has a handcrafted matte-white fiberglass base with natural wood veneer top and interior divider.This modern masterpiece serves both functional and decorative purposes.

  • New Mood Sideboard

The New Mood collection contains dining tables, coffee tables and a sideboard, which are all available in a variety of carefully selected wood finishes and laminates.

Designed by Michael H. Nielsen, exclusively for Bolia, the collection was inspired by mid-century design, yet the creator has added modern characteristics such as the combination of natural wood types that are present in the legs.

New Mood Sideboard

  • Peyote Table

Peyote is an elegant dining table with an organic design inspired by leaves and nature’s ability to create new shapes. Peyote Table manages to be elegant yet bombastic at the same time, featuring a round, leaf-shaped base and perfectly floating table top, created in beautiful natural wood.

  • Tune Chair

An interesting Scandinavian Style Chair with the unique ability to be stacked.The Tune chair has a slim and elegant frame which is manufactured in Europe from durable solid wood and molded ply construction. Tune is a multifunctional Scandinavian chair that suits modern dynamics and can be utilized in the home, or at the office.



  • Valby Chair

This simple Scandinavian Chair offers meticulous detailing, durability and elegance. Designed by Glismand and Rudiger, the Valby chair is suitable forresidential, commercial and hospitability environments.

Valby Chair

The immense elegance and sophistication seen in Bolia’s Scandi-Style can make anyone fall in love with Danish Design.


If you are looking to add a little Scandinavian style to your home, then place your order today at Modify Design.